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About the owners

Gina and Craig Sabo (Owners)

We have been boating enthusiasts our whole lives.  As kids, we grew up boating.  Over the past 30 years we have owned numerous boats: ski boat, cuddy cabin, cruiser, center counsels, ocean fishing boat, kayaks, etc.   We love boating!

We became intrigued with the Duffy experience after cruising on our Brother’s Duffy in California.

There’s nothing like cruising on a Duffy luxury electric boat.  Cruising in a Duffy is so quiet and relaxing because there’s no engine noise.  It’s more enjoyable to entertain on because you can carry on a conversation while cruising without yelling.  And because the Duffy is so stable, you can invite all your friends.  Well… at least 10 or 12 of them!!

Since the Duffy is electric, there is NO EMMISIONS.  We’re one step closer to saving the environment!  Plus, there’s no maintenance and no worrying about where to get fuel.

Duffy’s slogan truly applies: Unplug, Untie and Unwind!!  It’s really that simple.

Please contact us to learn how YOU TOO can experience the Duffy Lifestyle!

What’s a Duffy?


A Duffy is more than just an electric boat – it’s a lifestyle.  Tens of thousands of delighted customers can attest to that.  It’s not about going fast or going far – it’s about spending time with your friends and family while you cruise silently and enjoy what’s’ most important to you.  As we like to say here at Duffy – we do 5 mph better than anyone else!